Thursday, 7 November 2019

ASDA be something better?

Retail and grocery chain ASDA may be sued over changes to workers contracts that arguably constitute unfair dismissal or indirect discrimination.

Howard Mustoe
04 November 2019

'Why I want to sue Asda over new employment contract'

Duncan Carson has just lost his job as a baker at an Asda store near Stoke, but he is preparing to put up a fight.

He is among the Asda workers who have been sacked after refusing to sign up to new contracts, but he aims to take the supermarket to an employment tribunal.

"I think someone should stand up to them," he said. "What is the point in having a contract if they can unilaterally change it?"

Asda gave its workers until midnight on Saturday to agree to new
terms, which include unpaid breaks, changes to night shift payments and being called to work at shorter notice.

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